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Cute helpful

You widen and stretch the anaumal to your height and weight in the upper left corner. Green is good weight. Yellow under ,orange over,and red obese. I love it. Its simple and attractive to consumers nice job.


I don't understand this. How do you but in your height and weight?!?!!?!?!

Creative and cute BMI calculator

This app may not give you all of the advices on BMI, but does what it's supposed to do and is an app to make you smile.

Hardly useful

Cute, but not helpful.

Confusing! There are better free ones

Hard to use and confusing at first. Hard to fine tune your weight. Does not give you guidelines either.

Takes some getting used to

This app gives you an accurate reading on your BMI but: when you first use the app you're confused on what to do, and once you calculate your BMI it doesn't tell you if you're overweight or not! (which is why I got the app)

Really bad app

Since you use your fingers to drag arid the height and weight it makes it almost impossible to get it to your actual size. Although , it's cute ,it still does NOT work.

This is the worst app ever

Since you have to drag you finger around the screen pointlessly to attempt ( and fail) to get it to calculate your correct info you will get an inaccurate score. Then it does not tell you what the inaccurate means ,so you will have to go online which is were you should have gone in the first place.

Cute, but not worth the d/l

Definitely has cute animals, but kids shouldn't have this app and it's not worth to download for adults.

App is crap

Needs an update to inter your info not drag a stupid animal around so inaccurate


stupidest thing I ever downloaded, don't waste your time trying it. it doesn't even let u type in your info.


Still lame


Inaccurate, but so fun.


Entering exact numbers are a little difficult, it is very sensitive. Also the formula it uses is wrong, BMI results are lower on this app.



Stupid stuff , can't count!

Can't count height properly It goes 4'9" then 5' It skips 4'10" and 4'11" Good grief!!

No good

I can't even get it to work

Decent but has faults

First it's cuteill give it that but it's off slightly and why do people bother using bmi? It's not even close to being an accurate measurement of body fat in humans. Example 5'6" 185lb app puts me at 28% others put me higher. Actual body fat is 15.7%. bmi says obese and doctor says healthy weight.


Can't count right, skips ten and eleven inches on every foot.

Cute, but not accurate

Creative idea and fun. Definitely a unique BMI app, and the animals are just too cute. It'd be great if the results were accurate. My BMI is actually a whole point higher than this app says. If they'd fix their formula to match what doctors and nutritionists use, I'd definitely keep it around.


Way too sensitive. Impossible to enter the info

Cute but useless

The controls are too sensitve, but it is cute, I was hoping the animal would look as fat as I feel I am, but maybe I have body image issues or the developer is too kind. I deleted it after trying because there is not much reuse value for this app.


Hard to use, not cute, I'd be anorexic to lose as much weight as what this app implies I need to.

Cute but not accurate- in my favor

it calculates the BMI to be about 1 point off.


If you really want to get an accurate BMI you should buy the BODY MASS INDEX app by handheld care. It works in both pounds and metric and is only $1.99. After all, you get what you pay for!

Fun, different, fresh UI

It still gives you your BMI, just by sliding your finger for weight (left-right) and height (up-down). Fun and free, and works just aswell as the other paid for programs.

does not tell you your BMI

NOTE: Thes app does not tell you your BMI so if your looking for something that does this is not it but it is a ok app and it's free so you can't go wrong with free apps.

US Physician using it just fine!

OK, for all of you who "couldn't figure it out", (especially the other doctor) you simply drag your finger to make the animal fatter (increase weight) or taller (increase height). If you want an exact number it is very touchy and this needs work ie it is difficult to get it to exact numbers. Yes, it is in metric but I'm an anesthesiologist and I use kg anyway. I do wish it would do pounds and inches as an option, then I wouldn't have to convert. Someone needs to make a simple, less "cute" application. I had a patient today with a BMI of 42 so it can easily cover the fat americans. Max weight is 180 kg, max height 220 cm. Thanks for being the first to make a BMI calculator.

Good to show patients their BMI

This application is useful for demonstrating BMI and a goal BMI. It is easy to use, you do not need to know dutch to use it, simple and friendly. Of course, english and not just metric units would be helpful.

Grate game love it

grate game i love it

It doesn't let you enter numbers to calculate BMI.

It's cute, but doesn't have a place to enter numbers, which makes it useless as a BMI calculator. As a physician, I'm looking for a BMI calculator that I can use in my work. This is not it.


Totally pointless app. Its not even in English and you have to convert your height and weight into cm and kg. Too much work just to find your BMI. There are other apps that are easier to use than this one.

Cool if you know Dutch

Not worth downloading.


It's really odd. It dosnt work.


The whole program is in german and it's pointless.


WTF Is this? If anyone knows please tell me

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